The Açaí fruit is highly perishable and, even today, it is harvested by hand and deteriorates rapidly 48 hours after being extracted from the palm tree; therefore, it must be maintained at an appropriate temperature until its consumption, reason why it is commercialized cold, being imported directly from Brazil. Berries are often mixed with Guaraná syrup (more details in Nutritional).

Açaí contains not only a high antioxidant content, but also a large number of fibers and high levels of fats, mainly Omega 3, 6 and 9. This high fiber and fat makes Açaí function as an excellent natural appetite suppressant

The Legend of the Açaí has it that in the Amazon existed a very large Indian tribe. As food was scarce, it became difficult to get food for everyone. Then Cacique Itaki had to make a cruel decision, ordering that all the newborn children would be sacrificed to avoid the population increase of the tribe.

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